Helping our dental patients through the COVID-19 crisis

We are pleased to announce that during this second COVID shut down we will continue to care for your oral healthcare needs

Dentists are considered essential health care

We follow extremely stringent guidelines from our licencing body that is designed to keep patients and our team safe - You can have confidence coming into our office and not neglect your oral care. According to a recent study from Harvard, dental clinics are among the safest environments to be in. There are no documented cases of COVID transmission from a dental visit.

All dental treatment can be scheduled to prevent small issues from growing into big ones. Small undetected cavities can become larger ones, and plaque buildup, if untreated, can lead to gum disease. These are the things that can be caught early if you continue to follow a regular dental maintenance schedule.

Our dental office has established enhanced strict safety protocols including

A. Providers must wear protective gear, including all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

B. They must meticulously clean and disinfect rooms using medical grade disinfectants as well as sterilize all instruments between patients visits

C. All front office areas, including but not limited to furniture, interior and exterior handles are disinfected throughout the day

D. All water lines are shocked and cleaned with enzymatic cleaners on a set routine

E. All operatories have glass doors, portable air cleaners and set fallow time between each patient appointment for air quality/p>

F. Tech-enable patient screening which allows for pre-screening in advance of office entry

G. Social distancing of all patients including controlled office entry

H. Staff are required to be screened for COVID using COVID forms and have their temperatures taken twice a day

I. We have limited the number of people that are in the office, therefore you will not be able to wait in the reception area while your family member is being treated.

What to expect upon arrival of your Appointment?

  • Every patient will be screened prior to their appointment and will be sent a COVID-19 form to complete
  • On day of arrival, please remain in your vehicle and call or text the office to let us know you have arrived
  • We will inform you when you can enter the practice
  • Please ensure you are wearing a mask – if you do not have one, we will supply one for you
  • Please wait in the foyer for the customer care representative to take your temperature.
  • You will be asked to hand sanitize.
  • You will then be ushered into the treatment room


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