Safe Amalgam Removal

safe amalgam removal

Dr Richardson is SMART Certified for the safe removal of mercury fillings by following the instructions from the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology for amalgam (mercury restoration) removals. Amalgam vapours can be toxic to the body, therefore proper equipment and protocols that protect the patients, staff, and the environment are in set in place.

Dr Mark Richardson Dental uses an air purifier to capture mercury vapours and drill aerosols before they have a chance to spread, and also removes dangerous bacteria and particles from the air. We administer medical-grade oxygen so that mercury intake is minimized while you inhale through the nose.

We use a special suction device to capture all mercury particles, and a nitrile dam to ensure any leaking mercury will not enter the mouth. We irrigate the tooth during the removal process. We cut the mercury fillings in sections to minimize drilling and vapoor creation, and use an amalgam separator to dispose of the amalgam safely. We dispose of the gloves, gowns, and materials used in the process.

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